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Martin lives alone, is very sad, and has given up on life. He wants to die. His wife and only son have died, and he is angry at God as well as the neighboring townsfolk who seem oblivious to his painful loneliness. Vladimir, an old friend, comes by to invite Martin to dinner at the winter festival, but Martin turns him down without even so much as a hint of a smile. Then a holy man leaves a Bible that needs rebinding. Martin eventually picks it up and reads the story of the rich, young merchant who invited the Lord to be his guest but failed to show him the ordinary signs of hospitality. As the story develops we see how the Lord comes to Martin and how he recognizes the Lord in the most surprising ways.

Martin the Cobbler is a Will Vinton production and one of his acclaimed "Claymation Classics." It was released by Billy Budd Films and is based on Tolstoy's classic and beloved short story, "Where Love Is." This program is narrated by his daughter, Alexandra Tolstoy.

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