HIDING PLACE, THE (video)($14.95)


Julie Harris stars in this inspiring, true-life account of an heroic family's imprisonment in a World War II concentration camp. In 1940, Nazi forces occupied Holland. In the city of Haarlem, the Ten Boom family leads a imple, Christian life holding bible classes in their quiet clock shop. But as their terrified Jewish friends are hunted by the Nazis for deportation and certain death, the family valiantly constructs a concealed room in their shop to shelter the city's escaping Jews. Their underground efforts are soon discovered and they are shipped off to the Ravensbruck death camp. One by one, the family members meet with torturous death until only daughter Corrie remains. But hers is more than a struggle to survive. For in the face of monstrous cruelty and suffering, she must fight to reaffirm her faith in humanity and her waning belief in God. Color, 147 minutes.

Available in English or Spanish video. Please specify your preference on the order form.

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