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Presiders at funeral litugies and wake services can turn to The Funeral Book for Homilists and Presiders again and again for ideas, inspiration, and words of comfort for the bereaved. An invaluable pastoral resource.

"Quite a slice of my life as a priest has gone into funeral ministry, from the old days when the ritual was virtually all in Latin, except for the prayers and gospel reading at the graveside, to the now more fully developed rites in the vernacular.
"One has witnessed enormous change for the better. The specimen homilies in this book are in response to repeated requests. One hopes that would-be homilists will take advantage of the larger scenario provided here, the lengthy commentary on the funeral rites, the possibilities for evangelization both in preaching and in the conduct of the ritual itself, sensitivity in the choice of readings for the funerals of particular individuals, and the topic of the month of November, with its fresh and exciting approach to eschatology.
"We bring more than the externals of the rite to funeral celebrations. We bring ourselves, together with our assimilation of the Word of God and of the underlying theology of the rite. We bring sensitivity, a sense of prayer and compassion. Even though we are celebrating death, paradoxically, we can bring faith alive." - from the preface by Elfin Griffin, 0. Carm.

Table of Contents
Part 1Pastoral Practice
Making the Most of the Order of Christian Funerals2
Celebrating Funerals in the United States20
Funerals and Evangelization36
November: Uniting Memory and Imagination in Hope40
Part 2Sample Homilies
Death of an Older Person48
Death of a Young Person64
Death of a Child91
Death of a Parent93
Death of a Single Person105
Tragic Death107
Death after a Long Illness120
Death of an Autistic Youth125
Death of an Unbeliever128
The Contributors131

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