DANTA DE (Classic Sacred Music of Ireland)

AMP: 877-6

Danta De: Classic Sacred Music of Ireland

Danta De offers striking interpretations of 18 hauntingly beautiful traditional Irish melodies taken from the 1928 Irish hymnal of the same name. Irish for "the lyrics of God," Danta De was one of the first hymnals produced for the Irish church in the newly independent Republic of Ireland.

The result is a collection of music not only beautiful to listen to, but ideal for worship, prayer, and reflection.

In these original instrumental arrangements James, Warner, and Watz, performing on the Celtic harp, mandolin, violin, guitars and string bass, offer a contemporary illustration of tunes reaching deep into the mists of Irish culture and history.

Danta De offers its listeners not only a poignant glimpse of the sufferings of an oppressed people, but also a musical window into the rich tradition of Celtic spirituality. Includes:

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