VESTMENTS WITH CORONATION TAPESTRY from Harbro (with free shipping)

160.00 154.95 On Sale!

Stoles are available for either priest/minister or deacon. Also available are matching Chasuble, Dalmatic, Humeral Veil, Pall, Cope or Urn Cover. All vestments come in Off White only.

Prices are as follows and include free shipping in the continental US:

  1. Priest/minister's stole: $154.95 (list: $160)(H667);
  2. Deacon's stole: $154.95 (list: $160)(H567);
  3. Chasuble: $224.95 (list: $235)(H865);
  4. Dalmatic: $234.95 (list: $245)(H967D);
  5. Dalmatic with underlay stole: $269.95 (list: $280)(H967D);
  6. Pall: $239.95 (list: $250)(H965F);
  7. Pall (with added center banding across the casket to form a cross): $309.95 (list: $325)(H969F);
  8. Humeral Veil: $129.95 (list: $135)(H967V);
  9. Cope (with front panels): $249.95 (list: $260)(H967C);
  10. Urn Cover (24" circle): $129.95 (list: $135)(H967U)

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