BELIEF IN THE WORD (Reading John 1-4) by Francis Moloney ($25)

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Although studies have appeared on current narrative and reading approaches to John's Gospel, no commentary is available that integrates their findings for students and scholars. Professor Moloney has met this need with a pioneering commentary that focuses on the text itself and its impact on the reader

"After an introduction to some aspects of the theory of a narrative reading of the Fourth Gospel (chapter 1), I will read the first four chapters of the Fourth Gospel: 1:1-18 (chapter 2), 1:19-51 (chapter 3), 2:1-12 (chapter 4), 2:13-3:36 (chapter 5), 4:1-42 (chapter 6), and 4:43-54 (chapter 7). Each of these exegetical chapters begins with a section entitled "The Shape of the Narrative," which surveys the spatial aspect of the passage. All stories have a form and shape, and narrative criteria are used to uncover this aspect in each case. More detailed attention, however, is given to the second section, which follows the temporal flow of the process of reading: "Reading the Narrative." It is in these sections that I trace the implied reader, a heuristic device particularly helpful in understanding the temporal aspect of the reading process. The work closes with a summary of the reading suggested by John 1-4 (chapter 8). A narrative study follows the spatial and temporal flow of the text from the beginning." --Francis J. Moloney

Table of Contents



Chapter One: Preparing to Read the Fourth Gospel

Chapter Two: The First Page: John 1:1-18

Chapter Three: The First Days of Jesus: John 1:19-51

Chapter Four: Faith in the Word of Jesus at Cana: John 2:1-12

Chapter Five: A Journey of Faith in israel: John 2:13 -- 3:36

Chapter Six: A Journey of Faith in Samaria: John 4:1-42

Chapter Seven: Faith in the Word of Jesus at Cana: John 4:43-54

Chapter Eight: Looking Back

"A trailblazer….this innovative book applies the insights of narrative criticism to the talent of commentary writing…Adopting the perspective of a first-time reader, Moloney traces the way in which the narrative shapes the role of the implied reader, all the while maneuvering the real reader along the path toward authentic faith." --R. Alan Culpepper, Baylor University

"Moloney provides us with the first thorough literary commentary on John 1-4 that uses a reader response method. He leads us through the Gospel's narrative and enables us to appreciate it from the inside without disregarding the original historical setting of the writing. This book will be widely read and appreciated in future work on the Fourth Gospel." --Robert Kysar, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

About the Author: Francis J. Moloney, S.D.B., is professor of New Testament at Catholic Theological College, Melbourne, Australia.

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