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This CD-ROM is a collection of several of the works of St. Thomas Aquinas (1225 - 1274), also known as the "Angelic Doctor" and honored as the Patron of Catholic Schools. Because of his clarity of thought and massive systematic theological output, St. Thomas is considered the greatest theologian in the Church's history. Hence the importance of a software product devoted to his work.

The core of this program is the Summa Theologica, which is still referenced in the major works of theology today including the new Catechism of the Catholic Church. The entire English Dominican Fathers' translation of the Summa is included here, not merely major portions. The user will be glad to find that all inter-textual references are hyper linked as are all biblical references linked with the Revised Standard Version of the Bible: Catholic Edition. Some of the references have been modified to match the verse ordering of the current biblical translation.

The goal of the CD-ROM was to understand the Catholic faith as St. Thomas Aquinas did. While the Summa Theologica provides the strong doctrinal foundation, the Holy Bible and the Bible Commentary provide the necessary counter-balance of Divine Revelation.

This CD-ROM includes:


The Summa Theologica is organized into three main parts. They are accordingly named, the First Part, Second Part and Third Part. The First Part focuses on God Himself and as Creator. The Second Part is divided into two sections: Part 1 God as the end of Man and Part 2 Man's return to God. The Third Part looks into Christ who is the way of man to God.

Each part is organized into treatises, questions and articles. For example, under the Treatise on Sacred Doctrine, there is one question. That question is addressed in ten articles or points of inquiry. St. Thomas then addresses those articles by first explaining the main objections (OBJ) to his point, then providing his answer (I answer that) and replying to the objections (Reply OBJ).


In the Catena Aurea, a Commentary on the Four Gospels, St. Thomas collects portions of the works of the Fathers of the Church, edits and synthesizes them into a single body of scriptural commentary. Organized by each of the four Gospel writers, the Catena begins by putting forth the verses to be analyzed and then takes each verse phrase by phrase and provides the early Fathers' insights into the passage.


In the Prayers and Hymns of St. Thomas Aquinas, six of the Angelic Doctor's purported works are presented in both the English and Latin translations.


In the Summa Excursion, a main point from each question is presented and then illustrated with photos and art. References to the main document are hyper linked at the end of the excerpt.


The Revised Standard Version: Catholic Edition is presented here as a particularly appropriate choice for a companion Bible. The RSV is usually the source chosen for references in Church documents and most recently, the new Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Software System requirements:

Windows ®: 386 or higher, 4MB RAM, Windows® 3. lx or Windows® 95, 98 Super VGA graphics card, monitor with 256 colors and CD-ROM drive. Sound card and speakers are needed for audio.

Macintosh ®: LC II or higher, 4MB free RAM, System 7.0 or higher, color monitor with 256 colors, CD-ROM drive.

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