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Cfont size="3">The Illustrated Catholic Bible is a multimedia Bible that can be used by the entire family. Kids will love the pictures; students can search the Bible and click open the Catholic Biblical Encyclopedia; parents will enjoy the sacred music and reading the Church documents about Scripture study.

The Illustrated Catholic Bible features the RSV Bible: Catholic Edition widely considered the most accurate translation of the Bible in English. It is the translation normally used for scripture citations in official Church documents. The New American Bible, utilized in the liturgy is now available in The Illustrated Catholic Bible Version 2.0. This program is found in its entirety on Welcome to the Catholic Church on CD-ROM version 2.0.

Two documents of the Church are included on this CD. The first, Dei Verbum (The Word of God") is the Second Vatican Council's Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation. In it you'll read of the Church's rich understanding of the Bible's divine inspiration and interpretation; the nature of the Old and New Testaments; and Scripture's role in the Life of the Church. The second document, The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church, by the Pontifical Biblical Commission, was presented to Pope John Paul II on April 23, 1993.

This document represents the Church's current assessment of the common methods and approaches used for the interpretation of scripture. It addresses hermeneutical questions, and reflects on the genuine characteristics of Catholic biblical interpretation in the life of the Church.

There are also two special sections entitled "People of God" and "Life of Christ." These are illustrated journeys through the early development of the people of God (Israel) and the earthly of Jesus. The illustrations used for this product are taken from the work of James J. Tissot, a 19th century French painter. In the Biblical Dictionary,

You can find information on most persons, places and things contained in the Bible. Blue lettering will mark a "hot spot" from which you can move instantly, by the click of the mouse, from there to the chosen topic. The dictionary contains over 1800 entries each one is equipped with hot spots for the previously selected verses to expound on the entries. This allows you to travel back and forth between the definition and all the places in the bible where that word is found.

Accessing The Illustrated Catholic Bible. You can access any part of The Illustrated Catholic Bible by simply clicking on a button or a hot spot corresponding to the desired section.

Pictures and Maps. Clicking on the terms Picture or MAP will bring up an illustration. The Bible contains maps in the various books, For example; In the Acts of Apostles the map of St. Paul's travels shows the three major missionary expeditions he took. If you click on the maps hot spots the biblical verse is shown that references place in regards to Paul's journey.

Search Groups. The entire contents of The illustrated Catholic Bible can be searched using the Search button. Allowing you to find particular topics if interest.

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