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Harmony Media introduces its newest product for teaching the Catechism of the Catholic Church through computer software, Life of Jesus† the first of 2 CDs covering the† Gospel. A CD-ROM on the Old Testament will come next to continue the scriptural foundation found in scripture.† Future CD-ROM's will cover the articles of faith, the sacraments, Christian prayer and morality.
Life of Jesus Christ
Part One: Son of Mary The Childhood of Jesus Beginning with the births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, Part One: The Son of Mary, covers Jesusí early, hidden life prior to his public ministry.
Part Two: The Messiah
The Early Ministry of Jesus
Next, the preparation for his ministry begins in Part Two: The Messiah. This part culminates in the great teaching moment of Jesusí life - The Sermon on the Mount.
Part Three: Son of God The Later Ministry of Jesus Finally, gathering apostles to learn from and assist him in his ministry, Part Three: Son of God, follows Jesus' path of healing and preaching. Jesus' followers grow in numbers but there is also a growing opposition among state and religious leaders.

Catechism Made Simple

Scripture and Catechism
Narration, text and artwork compliment this interactive journey through the Gospels

The gospel stories are taken from a combination of the four gospels. Each story begins with a pictorial presentation and a children's text of the scriptural passage.
Hidden within each picture is a Catechism Clue. Each clue relates a teaching from the new universal Catechism to the biblical story.
The full scriptural text is available through a Text button on the bottom of the screen.
The Who, What and Where of Jesus Christ!

Who: Jesus, the Holy Family, John the Baptist, the Magi and others
What: At the bottom of the screens are short explanations of events located or traced on the maps.
Where: The maps themselves show a variety of lands and cities, giving the stories a greater familiarity in terms of the student's knowledge of the world.
Animated Illustrations
Pictures and sounds enrich each of the 125 bible stories

u Portraits come to life with animating techniques, sound effects and voices.
u Illustrations by the late French artist James Tissot
u Narration provided by the famous Catholic dramatist Leonardo DeFilippis
u Individual character voices enhance the presentation
Quizzes and Tests
Encouraging students to learn with frequent reviews.
How will you score?

Each story is followed by a quiz to ensure comprehension. Quizzes must be correctly completed in order to advance to the next story.
At the end of each of six sections, a test enables the student to gauge his/her mastery of the material. This overview test will be scored and points will be added up as the sections are completed.

Life of Jesus Christ
A Catechism Made Simple
ISBN: 1-890906-07-7
Retail Price: $19.95

Life of Jesus Christ
A Catechism Made Simple
ISBN: 1-89096-11-5
Retail Price: $19.95

System Requirements:
386 or higher, 8MB RAM, Windows 95,98,NT, SuperVGA graphics card, monitor with 16 Bit high color, 16 Bit sound card and speakers are needed for audio and CD-ROM Drive.
LCII or higher, 8MB RAM, System 8.0 or higher, color monitor with 16 Bit high colors, and CD-ROM drive.

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