NEW AMERICAN BIBLE (Catholic Study Bible)($54.99)*

OXF: 0-19528

This first true study Bible for Catholics offers intermediate and advanced students of the bible a wealth of background information on the historical, literary and theological dimensions of the Scriptures. Includes: Makes a great gift for the newly ordained!! (And don't forget our Study Edition Bible Cover to keep it neat and protected from the elements!!

Available in paperback, hardcover, bonded leather or genuine leather bindings. Also comes without indexing or indexed. Leather bindings are available in either black or burgundy. Please indicate your preference when ordering. If ordering anything except the basic hardcover, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order. Prices and selection are as follows:

  1. Hardcover (indexed): $44.95 (list: $54.95)(#394-5)
  2. Bonded Black Leather: $69.95 (list: $79.95)(#390-2)
  3. Bonded Burgundy Leather: $69.95 (list: $79.95)(#392-9)
  4. Bonded Black Leather (indexed): $76.95 (list: $87)(#395-3)
  5. Bonded Burgundy Leather (indexed): $76.95 (list: $87)(#396-1)
  6. Genuine Black Leather: $79.95 (list: $90)(#401-1)
  7. Genuine Burgundy Leather: $79.95 (list: $90)(#403-8)
  8. Genuine Black Leather (indexed): $89.95 (list: $97)(#402-X)
  9. Genuine Burgundy Leather (indexed): $89.95 (list: $97)(#403-8)

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