LIVE EXPERIENCE by Phil Coulter ($17.98)

SHAN: 53014

Available on compact disc or video.

Track List
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1.Steal Away/Play On    8.Hoedown 
2. Derry Air    9.Bonny Boy/Mid Term Break 
3.Old Man    10.Scorn Not His Simplicity 
4. Mancini Magic [Melody: The Pink Panther/The Thorn Birds/Baby Elephant    11.Ballads and Blarney Medley: The Boston Burglar/Muirsheen Durkan/Whisk 
5.Thiarna Dean Troicaire    12.Mo Ghile Mear 
6.Ballad of Willam Bloat/I'll Tell Me Ma     13.Mise Eire [A Tribute To Seán O'Riada] 
7.Cal/Local Hero     14. Town I Loved So Well 

Also available on video. The emotions Phil Coulter and his music draw from an audience go beyond conventional ideas of entertainment. Inspired by Irish airs and tunes older than history, he pulls an audience out of isolation into a communal celebration. Through the video Phil Coulter - The Live Experience, a viewer can experience the special bond Phil forges with his concert audiences as he movingly performs compositions of his own, such as Steal Away and The Old Man, a medley of songs by his friend Henry Mancini, and interpretations of music by other composers such as Mark Knopfler and Aaron Copeland.

When he comes to the U.S. Phil Coulter regularly sells out venues like Carnegie Hall and Boston's Symphony Hall. Those who have enjoyed the special magic of Phil Coulter on stage will be thrilled to revisit some of those unforgettable moments and experience once again the spontaneous emotion at the heart of his creativity, while Coulter fans who have never had the pleasure of seeing one of his live performances will be spellbound by the man's talent, grace and charm.

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