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The Church History Collection CD


The CHC gives you the resources to explore the roots of Christianity through the classic biblical commentary and theology of the Church Fathers and John Calvin. And the historical writings of Alfred Edersheim, Josephus and Philip Schaff cover the history of the faith from Old Testament times, through the inter-testamental period, to the Reformation. The Church History Collection CD transforms your computer into a powerful research library using the Folio Views/NextPage publishing system. All titles are unlocked.


The Church History Collection contains the following titles:

What's New with Version 2?

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If you were to purchase these titles separately from Logos and Ages, they would cost you $600. The Logos version of the Church Fathers has the footnotes. Ours does not. Our Schaff’s Church History has the pictures, theirs does not.

Why You Need The Church History Collection CD

"One of the leading Christian historians of the twentieth century, Kenneth Scott Latourette, has observed that American Protestants from the nineteenth century onward have tended “to ignore the developments which had taken place in Christianity in the Old World after the first century.” This has led to the unhappy situation that American Protestants, especially evangelicals and fundamentalists, are a people without an identity, unaware of their spiritual roots, and consequently are prone to theological faddism. By ignoring our past we have cut ourselves off from a knowledge of the work of God over nearly two millennia. We betray an incredible arrogance that in effect says that over the past 20 centuries, God has taught us alone!

"This lack of historical perspective has resulted in a myopic perspective in theological and biblical understanding. While claiming to honor the Bible alone as an authority, we have in fact committed ourselves on the one hand to reinventing the wheel, and on the other to understandings of both the Bible and theology, often built upon minds of inferior quality to the giants of the past.

"As Protestants we find our heritage in the Reformation, yet the Reformers did not try to wipe away 1500 years of history. They self-consciously built their theology upon that of the early church fathers, especially Augustine, though always measuring it against and grounding it in scripture.

"It is not too much to say that no one can legitimately claim to have a grasp of Christianity who does not have a grasp of the history of the church, the issues, the conflicts, and the contexts that brought forth our understanding of God as Trinity, of the Person of Christ as God and man, of the nature of man and sin, and of the necessity of redemption. These understandings do not arise in a vacuum, nor solely from a reading of the “plain meaning” of the biblical text. Our spiritual forefathers struggled, and in some cases died, to bring these truths to us. These truths are only self-evident to us because of their labor in service to our risen Lord.

"This CD-ROM containing 100 volumes of historical material places at the fingertips much of the key theological and biblical reflection of the last two thousand years. It is a key resource that will enrich and deepen appreciation and understanding. Every responsible Christian, whether layman or scholar or at some point in between, really needs to study and learn from the resources contained on this CD. This is a resource that is an absolute necessity for every Christian. You can not afford to be without it." - Dr. M. James Sawyer,
Professor of Systematic & Historical Theology
Western Seminary, San Jose


  1. Libronix System
  2. Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP Compatible
  3. Verse references are hypertext links to your active Bible
  4. Logos is able to search for a specific verse (like Eph 2:8) will show up when the reference in the text was a range (like Eph 2:1-11)
  5. Logos understands Greek and Hebrew languages so you can actually search for Greek or Hebrew words in the journals.

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