NEW AMERICAN BIBLE (Gift and Study Edition)(Nelson Publishers)($27.99)+

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TNP: 0-8407

Gift and Study Editions
New American Bible
Pages: 1488  Size: 5-5/16 x 8-1/8 x 1

Available with covers in either Leatherflex (Black or Burgundy) or Bonded Leather (Black, Burgundy or White) with costs as follows:

  1. Burgundy Leatherflex: $16.95 (list: $27.99)(9053NBG)(1292-8)(Save more than 40%!!)
  2. Black Bonded Leather: $24.95 (list: $37.99)(9055N)(1919-1)(Save more than 35%!!)
  3. Burgundy Bonded Leather: $24.95 (list: $37.99)(9055NBG)(1294-4)(Save more than 35%!!)
  4. White Bonded Leather: $24.95 (list: $37.99)(9055NW)(1922-1)(Save more than 35%!!)
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