CONCORDANCE TO THE BIBLE by Newton Thompson and Raymond Stock ($84.95)+

RCB: 0-912141-85-9

"Priests have long been hoping for a Catholic Concordance. Here is one -- and a good one." --Ecclesiastical Review, 1942

"For many years there has been a wide, urgent demand for an English work ... which provides the reader with every passage of the Bible containing a given word. But the labor involved is so nearly prohibitive that the demand has remained unsatisfied all these years. Now at long last comes the volume named above....It will assist many a person -- general reader, student, controversialist, writer, preacher. It will even be a help to those who wish to meditate upon the sacred text; and it will spread acquaintance with both the Old Testament and the New."--Catholic World

"1942 marks the publication of the first English concordance to the Bible based on Catholic translations and specifically intended for Catholic use...Every layman and priest who has occasion to cite passages from Holy Writ, certainly every library of any importance, should find this literary tool indispensable." --Commonweal

"Not only a concordance but also to a great extent a thesaurus of the Douay Bible...will be regarded as a godsend to preachers, professors, students, and to all."--Sign

"Quite complete. A comparison of listings with those in two well-known [non-Catholic] concordances indicated that the authors have done their work well."--Ecclesiastical Review

"With two columns to a does not have to reach for his magnifying glass. The key words printed in bold type jump forward like old friends to greet one. At the end of the book is a concordance of all the numbers (numerals) found in the Bible."--Orate Fratres

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