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The Book Bundle

Experience Scripture like never before with The Book; your ultimate guide to Bible study and exploration. Featuring today’s fastest-growing Bible translation, The New Living Translation, The Book brings the Holy Scripture to life through easy-to-read language, dynamic interactive study tools, and compelling photos and artwork. How can the Bible speak to your real-life concerns? TouchPoints™ has the answer. Use this simple feature to easily access the Bible’s wealth of information on 200 important life issues. It’s never been easier to enrich your spirit with the living wisdom of the Word.

Locate specific Bible passages with ease using handy search features including “Where can I find it?,” “Great Chapters from The Book,” and “Great Stories from The Book.” Or search by key word or phrase!

Witness the people and places of the Bible through stunning 360° PhotoBubble™ technology. It puts you right in the middle of the Holy Land!

Enjoy hundreds of full-color pictures, detailed maps, and classic biblical artwork.

Hear the Word out loud with dozens of inspiring passages presented in dramatized audio.

Record your thoughts as you study with the built-in journal.

More than just a Bible CD-ROM, The Book is a comprehensive guide to incorporating biblical wisdom into every facet of your life.

Use TouchPoints™ technology to search the Scripture for wisdom and guidance on 200 of life’s most challenging issues; health, loneliness, marriage, anger, stress, and more.

Enhance your understanding and appreciation of every verse using an easy-to-access dictionary, time lines, and Personality Profiles.

Enjoy instant pronunciations of every word in The Book, from “Abram” to “Zerubbabel.”

Step right into the middle of fascinating biblical locations using PhotoBubble™ technology. Enter any scene and use your mouse to look up or down, right or left. From the Church of the Nativity to the Garden of Gethsemane, it’s all right there before your eyes!

Read The Book at your own pace! The One Year® Bible reading plan offers daily guidance and direction.

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