IN HONOR OF ST. PATRICK by the Schola Cantorum ($16.95)

LP: 0-8146-7927-7

In Honor of St. Patrick: CD
Chant for His Feast
Schola Cantorum of St. Peter's-in-the-Loop Church, Chicago; J. Michael Thompson, Director
Recorded for the first time on any label, the First Vespers and Mass for the feast of St. Patrick are now available on In Honor of St. Patrick.

Transcribed from fifteenth-century Irish manuscripts, these Latin chants are sung, perhaps for the first time by anyone since the Reformation, by the Schola Cantorum of Saint Peter's-in-the-Loop. In Honor of St. Patrick presents Vespers in its entirety, word-for-word as it would have been heard in the late 1400s at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin. The choral chant for the Mass is also included.

This is a rare opportunity to hear a local dialect of Gregorian chant. The CD booklet provides the texts in Latin, English, and Irish.

Selections for the First Vespers are:

  • Introduction

  • First Vesper Psalm: 112

  • Second Vesper Psalm: 116

  • Third Vesper Psalm: 145

  • Fourth Vesper Psalm: 146

  • Fifth Vesper Psalm: 147

  • Capitulum
  • Responsory and Prose

  • Office Hymn

  • Versicle and Response

  • Magnificat

  • Collect

  • Conclusion

  • Selections for Mass are:

  • Office (Introit)

  • Troped Kyrie

  • Gloria in excelsis Deo

  • Respond (Gradual)

  • Tract

  • Sequence

  • Nicene Creed

  • Offertory and Prose

  • Preface and Sanctus

  • Agnus Dei

  • Communion and Verse
  • Dismissal

  • J. Michael Thompson is the director of music ministry at St. Peter's Church, where he is the founder and director of the Schola Cantorum. He has been a pastoral musician and liturgist for twenty years, as well as a composer, author, and a noted promoter of the Liturgy of the Hours and Gregorian chant in contemporary parish situations.

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