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Spiritual reflections. Includes chapters on "what to do about evil", "Job's Leap of Faith" and "God's Angle on Evil". The ancient story of Job that grapples with the question of why there is suffering in the world even for those who lead a good and upright life has challenged, perplexed and comforted readers for ages. here Richard Rohr share his understanding of this perplexing book of the Bible, both in its historical setting and as a most important message for today. The book speaks most strongly to those whose own world has fallen apart, but in its essence, it is a call to each reader to let go of old certitudes and goals and to place faith and trust radically in God alone. This book is a spiritual commentary and chapter-by-chapter study of the many themes that occur throughout the book of Job. In this exploration, many questions are raised as much about the reader's own life as Job's, and from this process is promised deeper understanding. In the course of the story, Job witnesses to the reality of pain, but also to gaining a new sense of joy and freedom and restoration of soul. 187 pp.

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