GOSPEL OF LUKE AND ACTS by Philip Van Linden, CM +


For us, as for Luke's first readers, the spiritual life is much like a journey. That is why Part One of this book concerns the spiritual journey with Jesus and serves as the framework for all that follows. On such a journey, it is vital that companions of Jesus look to their prayer union with him as the source of what they do as Christians. Consequently, Part Two concentrates on discerning God's will in one's life through prayer, the indispensable means of being in tune with God's Spirit. However, andy spirituality that is worthy of the name "Christian", must flow into concrete action. Therefore, Part Three of this book deals with Lucan "themes for the journey", and calls for specific Christian responses in the lives of its readers. The final section of the book takes up more Lucan themes and concludes with "Joy: The Final Chapter". By Philip Van Linden, CM. 198 pp.

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