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A complete guide to developing your own service. The author encourages ministers to work with engaged couples to create unique, individual services that will be meaningful to them on their wedding day. The couple is able to give a personal touch to their ceremony by haveing many options from which to choose. They may select various parts from eleven categories to compose the ceremony, following a step-by-step worksheet which is provided in the book to organize, edit and design the material. Or they may choose one of 21 wedding services from mainline Protestant churches, ranging from the classic and traditional to the most contemporary: Presbyterian, United Methodist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Reformed, United Church of Christ, Moravian, United Church of Canada, Evangelical Covenant, Church of Scotland and the Church of South India.

The end result will be a service that reatains what is best of traditional form and language, but which does not included unnecessarily archaic or sexist tems. An added benefit is that this process helps couples to deal with their hopes, intentions and expectations as they read the vows, statements on marriage and the other components of the wedding service.

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