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Why did God give Moses the Ten Commandments? Was it to hamstring us with oppressive legalisms? To make our lives miserable? To prevent us from having any fun? Not at all, says Mitch Finley. The purpose of the Ten Commandments is to help us see what is good for us, and what is not good for us. As Finley explains, “It’s as if God says: ‘This is the natural order of things; this is how you are put together. This is the way of human nature. If you follow the utterances I give you will thrive. If you ignore what I say the natural consequence will be a world of hurt. The choice is yours. Choose life.’”

The Ten Commandments: Timeless Challenges for Today is a lively, informative discussion of God’s law and how it applies in our lives today, as well as a refresher course on the basics of Christian and Jewish belief and practice. Finley shows that the Ten Commandments are structured in four groups, emphasizing God’s exclusive claim of authority over us, addressing the basic human need for leisure and rest, targeting the holiness of human life in the context of marriage and family, and highlighting the necessity of social responsibility and public virtue. Far from being antiquated or out-of-date, the author explains, “the Ten Commandments remain an essential source of divinely inspired moral and spiritual wisdom.”

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