SCRIPTURE WALK SENIOR HIGH: YOUTH THEMES by Michael Theisen and Nora Bradbury-Haehl ($21.95)*

SMP: 0-88489-608-0

The ScriptureWalk series is designed to engage Catholic youth in Bible study and reflection. Each of the eight 90-minute sessions contains Bible study and activities that build community, engage youth in discussion, and introduce creative forms of prayer. Each session includes a section called "Family Connection," which gives a short, family-based follow-up idea for the session. ScriptureWalk helps the Bible come alive for young people and is intended for use in youth group meetings, religious education programs, retreats, and as a supplement to The Catholic Youth Bible. Look for three volumes each of ScriptureWalk Junior High and ScriptureWalk Senior High in the next two years.

The eight sessions in ScriptureWalk Senior High: Youth Themes address issues that young people are concerned about:
1. Anger: Ephesians 4:255:2
2. Family: Exodus 20:1-12
3. Forgiveness: Luke 15:11-32
4. Friendship: Sirach 6:5-17
5. Hope: Psalm 31:1-16
6. Love: 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13
7. Prejudice: Luke 10:25-37
8. Stress: Matthew 6:25-34
Each session contains three components designed to appeal to teens: a Bible study and discussion, a creative activity, and a prayer service, which can be used individually or together for maximum flexibility in your program. Eight reproducible handouts are included.

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