STOLE WITH REVERSIBLE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD from Harbro (with free shipping)

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Stoles are available for either priest/minister or deacon in reversible Children of the World tapestry with multi-colored tapestry on the reverse side. Also available in Chasuble, Dalmatic or Pall with Children pattern only [Pall is for child (7' by 5')]. Perfect for baptisms or children's liturgies/services. Please indicate your preference when ordering. Prices are as follows:
  1. Priest/Minister Stole (reversible): $144.95 (list: $155)(H691M)
  2. Deacon's Stole (reversible): $144.95 (list: $155)(H591M)
  3. Chasuble: $184.95 (list: $195)(H891)
  4. Dalmatic (with understole): $214.95 (list: $225)(H991D)
  5. Dalmatic (without understole): $184.95 (list: $195)(H991D)
  6. Pall (Child's): $179.95 (list: $190)(H991F/S)
If ordering the Chasuble, Dalmatic or pall, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt.
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