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An unusual conversation is taking place at the turn of a new millennium. Some Catholics and evangelicals in North America are talking amicably with one another about what they share, where they differ and how they might engage in a common mission within a post-Christian and postmodern society.

This book seeks to move that conversation forward. Thomas P. Rausch and Cecil M. Robeck Jr. explore and assess how the dialogue has so far progressed. Robert Louis Wilken and Gerald Bray view the doctrine of salvation historically from within early Christian thought and then from an evangelical point of view. Avery Dulles and Timothy George examine the doctrine of the church in terms of ministry and sacraments and the nature of evangelical ecclesiology. Finally, evangelical missionary David E. Bjork tells his unusual story of ministering within the structure of the Roman Catholic Church in France.

Catholics and Evangelicals: Do They Share a Common Future? is a book for those who want to get in on one of the most important theological conversations taking place today.

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Foreword - Richard J. Mouw
  3. Introduction - Thomas P. Rausch
  4. Evangelicals and Catholics Together - Cecil M. Robeck Jr.
  5. Catholic-Evangelical Relations: Signs of Progress - Thomas P. Rausch
  6. Salvation in Early Christian Thought - Robert Louis Wilken
  7. Evangelicals, Salvation, and Church History - Gerald Bray
  8. Church, Ministry, and Sacraments in Catholic-Evangelical Dialogue - Avery Dulles
  9. Toward an Evangelical Ecclesiology - Timothy George
  10. When Obedience Leads Us into the Unknown - David E. Bjork
  11. Afterword - Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy

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