GREEK GRAMMAR BEYOND THE BASICS by Daniel B. Wallace ($39.95)


Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics is the best, most up-to-date, and most popular Greek Grammar available. The principles of grammar are thoroughly explained and easy to understand. One of the greatest strengths of this grammar are the in-depth discussions of the grammatical principles to specific passages throughout the New Testament. As a result, perhaps the most popular feature of the book has been the scripture index which lists all the places in the grammar where a specific passage is discussed or is given as an example of a particular grammatical principle. It's one of the first places you will want to look when studying a passage because you will want to see if the grammar affects your translation and interpretation.

Now that the Grammar is in Logos, you can not only read or search the book, you can type the verse you are studying in the Bible Reference Browser and have an instant list of the sections with grammatical discussion appropriate to your verse, just click on the link and go directly to that section.

You can also preview the chapter on participles via this link.

"A first-rate work! Wallace has devoted much time and thought to grammatical analysis of the Greek New Testament. Set forth with clarity, this volume will remain a reference tool that student and scholar alike can consult with profit." - Bruce M. Metzger, Professor of New Testament, Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary

"Dr. Wallace, an exact scholar with an unrivaled command of the literature in his field, is also a humane teacher, catering to the student's needs by his beautiful clarity and precision, topical illustrations, and witty asides. This book's length and wealth of detail are offset by its simple structure, clear tables, and lucid summaries. It deserves acclaim from the learned as well as the student." - The Reverend Professor C. F. D. Moule, Lady Margaret Professor Emeritus, University of Cambridge, England.

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