LAZY PERSON'S GUIDE TO HAPPINESS by Ernie Zelinski ($7.95)

RCL: 0-88347-475-1

"Having written six books, I am always being asked by friends and acquaintances, 'What are you writing now?' My reason for writing this book is that I have the sense that there is a real need for it. Because my best-known book is The Joy of Not Working, some people will think that the 'lazy person' in the title of this book refers to me, the author. It does partly, since I am somewhat a lazy person and comfortable with it. However, the 'lazy person' in the title also refers to the reader, who may need guidance or reminders on happiness, but doesn't want to read a time-consuming tome. Clearly, happiness takes work, but it doesn't take a lot of hard work, as most people in Western society believe. Above all, happiness entails paying attention to life." --Ernie Zelinski It's all here--the comical, the common sense, the inspirational, the profound, and even the downright mystifying. Best-selling Canadian author Ernie Zelinski has placed everything you need to know about happiness in this compact, but treasure-filled, handbook. The Lazy Person's Guide to Happiness will keep you on track to fulfillment, contentment, and peace of mind.

Ernie Zelinski is a consultant and professional speaker in the field of applying creativity to business and leisure. He travels extensively in the United States through his speaking and consulting. He lives in Edmonton,Alberta, Canada.

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