THIS TREMENDOUS LOVER by M. Eugene Boylan ($11.95)*

RCL: 0-87061-138-0

"No modern writer has better understood the layman's need for solid, realistic spiritual reading." -- Ave Maria "One of the most satisfying books of spiritual reading it has been our pleasure to encounter." --Catholic Library World

For thirty years, Catholic Christians have been turning and returning to this remarkable spiritual classic in which a Trappist monk speaks clearly and perceptively to the world of priest, religious, or layperson still "in the world." This is a book that takes the question of personal sanctity and relates it to a Pauline vision of the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ. It is a spiritual reading experience that is very old, ever new, a book which, when read again, remains remarkably fresh and inspiring.

M. Eugene Boylan was a monk of the Cistercian Abbey of Mount Saint Joseph, Roscrea.

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