TOGETHER FOR LIFE (English or Spanish) by Joseph Champlin ($4.95)*


Designed to help couples plan their ceremony, it contains the complete marriage rite with all variant prayers, blessings, and scripture texts.

Full-page commentaries by Father Champlin on each of the 28 readings make Together For Life ideal for pastors to distribute to couples taking marriage instruction, for pre-Cana, college and high school marriage classes, and newlyweds. Includes a 4-page selection sheet for choosing readings, prayers and blessings to be used in the ceremony.

Also available for presiders in an easy-to-use Card format with handsome, dignified ceremonial binder. The set includes 120 Ritual cards, 3-hole punched to fit companion binder, each card contains a single scripture reading, prayer or blessing marked with the same letter-numeral system found in Together For Life. (Blank cards are furnished for specially composed prayers.) The celebrant places in the binder only those cards appropriate for that ceremony.

The Marriage Ritual set includes:

  1. 120 ritual cards (6" x 9"), 3-hole punched to fit into the companion binder, printed in large, bold, easy-to-read type.
  2. For quick identification, each card is boldly marked with the same letter-numeral system found in Together For Life, the most popular marriage book in use today.
  3. The 35 cards for the Old and New Testament readings, responsorial psalms and Gospels offer both the New American and Jerusalem Bible translations.
  4. Blank cards for clipping on additional blessings, prayers, etc. especially selected or composed by the bride and groom, or the celebrant himself. Also included are three sample General Intercessions (Prayer of the Faithful) as found in Together For Life (J-1, J-2, J-3).
The card set comes in a durable box suitable for desk, bookshelf, or sacristy storage of Ritual Cards. The binder is an attractive 3-ring ceremonial binder, padded, gold embossed, white washable vinyl cover. To further enhance the ceremony, an additional binder is recommended for use by the reader.

Both the Marriage Ritual cards and the Ceremonial binder are also sold separately. Prices are as follows:

  1. English: $4.29 (list: $4.95)(0-59471-722-2)
  2. Presider's Edition (Binder and Cards): $71.95 (list: $74.95)
  3. Binder Only: $16.95 (list: $19)
  4. Cards only: $54.95 (list: $55.95)
  5. Spanish: $4.49 (list: $4.95)(LIG: 822070)

Please indicate your preference when ordering. If ordering the presider's edition, the binder or cards, or the Spanish edition, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt.

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