PROVE IT, GOD! by Amy Welborn* ($6.95)

OSV: 0-87973-396-9

It would be easy to believe if a couple of seas suddenly parted or a few cities were destroyed with fire and brimstone, or people were able to walk on water. But after spending a jillion Sundays in church, teens haven't seen anything that would convince them that God is aliveó much less that God cares about them personally.

In fact, nobody is giving clear, solid help in dealing with the really important questions of lifeó like, does God exist? What does God want from them? Does it matter if they're Catholic or not?

Until now. God, the first in the Prove It! series, answers the real questions they have about God, the Catholic Church, other religions, evolution, good and evil, and a whole lot of other things they never hear about in religion classes, Sunday sermons, or from their parents.

But don't take our word for it. Let them read Prove It! God and decide for themselves. What do they have to lose besides their doubts?

About the Author: Amy Welborn has an M.A. in religion from Vanderbilt University. She taught high-school theology for nine years before devoting all of her time to writing. Since 1994, she has been writing a syndicated column on Catholic youth for the Catholic News Service.

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