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Each volume in the series offers multisensory media for highly relevant worship experiences for the digital age. Volume 1 includes Digital Worship Experiences during the Christian year, including Palm Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, and Christ the King Sunday. You will find 10 suggestive worship celebrations, including a dominant metaphor, three customizeable background images for your presentation software, commentary on the Scripture text, music suggestions, film clip suggestions, and six professionally mastered video or animation clips for projection (which can be cued and played directly from the enclosed DVD. Each of the elements is integrated by a root metaphor. Here are the ten metaphorical themes in volume 1:
  1. The Real Deal,
  2. Future Proof,
  3. Wilderness Guide,
  4. Moving In,
  5. Victory,
  6. Don't Hold On To Me,
  7. A Breath of Fresh Air,
  8. Good to Go?,
  9. C.E.O. of the Cosmos, and
  10. The Difference a Day Makes.
Can I play a DVD on My Computer, Projector, or TV? Yes, you can operate the DVD from an inexpensive stand-alone DVD Player that is hooked to a TV or Projector in your sanctuary. For the computer, in addition to a DVD-ROM drive you must have either a) extra hardware to decode MPEG-2 video and Dolby Digital or MPEG-2 audio, or b) your computer must be fast enough to handle software decoding. Good-quality software-only playback requires a 350-MHz Pentium II or a Mac G4. Three graphics files for each worship experience can also be found in a separate folder on the DVD-ROM disk. These files, of course, are only accessible from a computer and not from a stand-alone DVD player.

Volume 2 is a set of 10 digital experiences for use during youth worship. The book, containing the complete text of the services, and an introduction for putting it together, will include a DVD that contains re-useable video clips for the following themes:

  1. Superhero or Servant: Jesus chose to be a servant leader: Luke 4:1-13
  2. CEO of the Cosmos: Just as a CEO sets the direction for a company, Christ sets the direction for the world: Acts 1:6-11
  3. Get Out: Casting out the evil from our lives: Luke 8:26-39
  4. Fresh Out of the Box: God makes us a new creation: John 3:1-17
  5. The Flip Side: Life in Christ is counter-culture: Luke 6:17-26
  6. Good to Go: Following Jesus into a new life: John 21:1-19
  7. Sudden Death: Life is short; we all need God: Luke 13:1-9
  8. Simply Unreliable: Faith in Jesus and not signs and wonders provides the real answers to life: Mark 10:17-27
  9. Ride of Your Life: Following Jesus is a thrilling ride: Luke 10:17-22
  10. Guided by the Light: Grace in the risen Christ who fulfills the law: John 12:44-50
System Requirement. DVD is compatible with personal computer DVD-ROM players and all DVD (set top) players.

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