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The Collegeville Catholic Reference Library allows you to receive an understanding of theology and spirituality without using up shelf space. It includes our most popular reference works on one CD-ROM.

The Collegeville Catholic Reference Library, Version 2.0, includes all the books from Version 1.0 as well as the entire Collegeville Bible Commentary and the (Revised) New American Bible. In addition, Version 2.0 of The Collegeville Catholic Reference Library includes RB 1980: The Rule of St. Benedict in Latin and English with Notes; Benedict's Rule: A Translation and Commentary, by Terrence Kardong; and Early Monastic Rules with The Rules of the Fathers in Latin and English, as locked titles. They are $19.95 each to unlock.

Version 2.0 uses the new Libronix Digital LibraryTM System, a powerful and easy-to-use search browser.

The new Libronix Digital LibraryTM System makes The Collegeville Catholic Reference Library better than ever!

  • Using automation, many complex search features are reduced to one simple click of the mouse.
  • An interactive "Home" page helps you navigate your library, and can be customized to your preferences.
  • Find resources quickly and easily by Author, Title, or Subject.
  • Add bookmarks to key articles and add your personal notes to Scripture passages.
  • Copy and paste into your word processor, then print your results for group or personal study. Full bibliographic citations are automatically inserted as footnotes!
  • One button opens The Collegeville Bible Commentary and the New American Bible, automatically placing them side by side on your desktop where they link and scroll together!
  • Clickable hyperlinks instantly take you to other related resources.
  • Open pop-up screens any time a Latin phrase that appears in Consecrated Phrases: A Theological Dictionary is referenced in the dictionary text.
  • The easy-to-use Online User Guide provides helpful information and insight into key features.

    System requirements:

  • A 486/66MHz or faster (Pentium Processor Recommended)
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98/Me/NT 4.0 (SP 3)/Windows 2000/XP
  • Memory: Windows 95/98—16 MB RAM; Windows Me/NT—32 MB RAM; Windows 2000/XP—64 MB RAM
  • Hard Drive Space: 60 MB Minimum
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Mouse

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