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Table of Contents
The Hulsean Lectures 1960-1962xi
IThe Exilic Age1
2.The exilic period as a 'creative age'7
3.The scope of the present study12
4.The sources14
IIThe Historical Situation in the Exilic Age17
1.The historical background17
2.The situation in Judah20
3.The situation in Babylonia31
IIIThe Response to the Events39
A.General Considerations39
1.Return to older cults40
2.Acceptance of the religion of the conquerors41
3.The recognition of divine judgement43
4.The disaster and the 'Day of Yahweh'48
IVThe Response to the Events (continued)50
B.The Book of Jeremiah50
1.The doom of the state51
2.Jeremiah and the future55
(i)The exiles of 59755
(ii)Submission to Babylon56
(iii)Restoration themes58
VThe Historians and Theologians of the Exilic Age62
A.The Deuteronomic History62
1.The nature of the Deuteronomic presentation62
2.The criteria of the Deuteronomic presentation73
3.The outlook of the Deuteronomic history78
VIThe Historians and Theologians of the Exilic Age (continued)84
B.The Priestly Work84
1.The Holiness Code (Lev. 17-26)87
2.The Priestly Work91
VIIProphecy of the Exile and the Ideals of Restoration103
A.The Book of Ezekiel103
1.Ezekiel and the disaster106
2.Ezekiel and restoration110
(iii)Land and people113
VIIIProphecy of the Exile and the Ideals of Restoration (continued)118
1.The people's present condition121
2.The future hope128
IXThe Restoration and its Interpretation138
A.Introductory: The Historical Problems of the Restoration Period138
XThe Restoration and its Interpretation (continued)153
1.The Temple155
2.The new community and the new age162
3.The people's response166
XIThe Restoration and its Interpretation (continued)171
C.Zechariah 1-8171
1.The Temple171
2.The new community and the new age175
3.The people's response200
XIIExile and Restoration: Other Aspects of the Thought of the Period218
1.Passages reflecting the exilic situation219
(i)Oracles of judgement, primarily upon Babylon as conqueror219
(ii)Allusions to the exile in the Psalms225
(iii)Passages of lamentation226
2.Passages reflecting restoration228
XIIIThe Significance of the Exile and Restoration232
1.Developments of thought232
2.The 'idea' of exile237
3.The 'idea' of restoration247
(i)The Temple248
(ii)The new community and the new age251
(iii)The people's response254
Select Bibliography257
List of Abbreviations259
Index of Subjects263
Index of Authors272
Index of Biblical References277

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