DARING PROMISE, A by Richard Gaillardetz ($16.95)

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Feeling close to God is easy on your wedding day, but what about when tough times come? This book, praised by reviewers everywhere, explores the spirituality of marriage in a way that is humorous, true to experience, and doctrinally sound. Timely suggestions for how a Christian couple can strengthen their marriage.

Three things, Gaillardetz says, make sustaining married life difficult:

  1. choosing a spouse in our consumer society can be seen sometimes as choosing a commodity;
  2. having our needs met is emphasized in our current therapy culture and we sometimes marry to get our needs met;
  3. love portrayed in the media suggests there's one "right" person out there.
He shares both humorous and serious vignettes from his own married life and also draws on the wisdom of many others to explain the demands of a covenant that requires commitment to another flawed person. He says that Christian marriage is difficult and demanding—an ascetical lifestyle. It is not what many couples envision.

His underlying tongue-in-cheek/whimsical theme is "You always marry the wrong person." Spouses face the challenges and joys of living life, at times, with a "stranger." He provides a spirituality of marriage that sustains your relationship during those difficult times when you look into the "abyss. "

Reviewed by Emilie Griffin in America magazine.

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