READING NEW TESTAMENT GREEK by Bernard Brandon Scott et al ($14.95)

HEND: 1-56563-014-9

This is an unrivaled reference work designed to allow the student of New Testament Greek to gain the greatest increase in vocabulary with the least expense of time. It includes every word in the Greek New Testament.

• Based on the latest editions of UBS4 and Nestle-Aland27
• Definitions based on Louw and Nida's Greek-English Lexicon
• Vocabulary occurring 10 or more times listed by frequency for easy memorization

• Complete principal parts for frequent verbs
• Words organized by parts of speech
• Nominative and genitive cases for nouns
• Third declension nouns keyed to paradigms
• Format optimized for memorization
• Vocabulary occurring less than 10 times listed by New Testament chapter
• Gospels keyed to Aland Synopsis number
• Verb shown with attested form
• Context-sensitive definitions
• Gives a sense of author's distinctive vocabulary for clues to thematic or theological interests
• Responds to the different skill levels required for mastery of frequent and infrequent words
• Brief, simplified paradigms for easy reference and review
• Employs statistics of Vollständige Konkordanz zum griechischen Neuen Testament

"Invaluable, up to date and accurate, this guide is more useful and accessible than any of its rivals. It will enable more students to read the Greek New Testament with enthusiasm and understanding, I recommend it wholeheartedly."
—Professor Graham Stanton, King's College, London

Author Bios

Bernard Brandon Scott is the Darbeth Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Phillips Graduate Seminary at the University of Tulsa. He is also the author of Hear Then the Parable: A Commentary on the Parables of Jesus.

Margaret Dean is a former student at Phillips Graduate Seminary

Kristen Sparks is a former student at Phillips Graduate Seminary

Frances LaZar is a former student at Phillips Graduate Seminary

Table of contents

Sample Chapter


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