At last, here is the comprehensive collection you’ve been searching for. Minister more effectively to your children during worship with The Giant Book of Children’s Sermons: Matthew to Revelation. These 260 children’s sermons are drawn from every book of the New Testament and contain a wealth of material you can share with your young disciples.

   The Giant Book of Children’s Sermons: Matthew to Revelation teaches God’s Word to children through the use of common objects that illustrate important concepts in the Scriptures. Each children’s sermon uses a warm and often humorous approach to take on even the toughest topics of the New Testament. The analogies created use simple objects like bananas, clocks, puzzles and funnels to add visual focus for the kids and help them grasp the point on a level suitable for their age.

   Now, whether you’re preaching from the Gospels, Acts, the letters of Paul, the general Epistles or even Revelation, you are sure to find an appropriate related talk for the children. The Giant Book of Children’s Sermons may be the last children’s collection you ever need!

Lessons include:
• The Great Picnic.....(Matthew 14:13-21)
• You Are Jesus’ Magnifying
  Glass.....(John 17:20-26)  
• How To Settle An Argument.....(Acts 15:22)
• The Key Ring That Unites
  Us.....(Romans 6:2b-11)
• Do The Dishes?.....(1 Peter 4:13-19)
• Counting Sand.....(Revelation 5:11-14)
... and many more!

Includes a CD-ROM of all the materials in the book for easy import into word processing programs.

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