SCRIPTURE ON THE SILVER SCREEN by Adele Reinhartz ($24.95)*

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This book follows in the path blazed by Jewett's St. Paul at the Movies. It questions the "Hollywoood Hermeneutic" that too often views the Bible as prop, but also recognizes the contributions of movies that successfully integrate the Bible as a plot-making device. Includes short chapters on the Bible's role in such movies as The Truman Show, Pleasantville, The Sixth Sense, Magnolia, Pulp Fiction, The Miracle-Maker, Prince of Egypt, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Breaking the Waves, Pretty Woman, The Apostle, Blue, The Matrix, and Deep Impact.

Adele Reinhartz is Professor of Religion, Department of Religious Studies, McMaster University. Past publications include "Why Ask My Name?" Anonymity and Identity in the Biblical Narrative (Oxford, 1998) and The Word in the World (Scholars, 1992).

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