MINISTRY OR APOSTOLATE? by Russell Shaw ($9.95)*

OSV: 0-87973-957-6

Since Vatican II, we’ve seen a tremendous leap in the participation of the laity. But is that participation really going in the right direction?

While lay participation is a good thing, Russell Shaw argues that we’ve forgotten the crucial distinction between ministry (what we do inside the Church) and apostolate (what we do in the secular world). We’ve almost completely neglected the lay apostolate, he says, and that serious, dangerous mistake has gravely handicapped the Church in its work of evangelizing culture. We need a new, better balance between ministry and apostolate.

Not everyone will agree with this book. In fact, we’re sure it will start some heated debates. And that’s exactly what it should be doing. Read this book, then agree with it or disagree with it. But you can’t afford to ignore it.

Paper, 128 pages

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