JESUS AS HEALER by Harold Remus ($15)*

CUP: 0521585740

This book sets the ancient reports of Jesus as healer in the context of the ancient world of "home remedies," medicine, physicians, and healers. It compares him with other healers of the day and shows how each of the four New Testament gospels offers distinctive portraits of Jesus as healer. We see him as one of many healers in his day, but yet set apart as a "wounded healer" - powerful yet in the end powerless, and thus achieving the ultimate "healing," victory over death. The book follows the reputation of Jesus as healer into the "apocryphal" Christian writings and into the stories of Jesus healing through his followers. Drawing on recent scholarship on Jesus and on sociological, anthropological, and medical studies of sickness and healing, the author offers a carefully weighted response to the question, "Did Jesus really heal?" The Questions for further thought and discussion and the Suggestions for further reading at the end of the volume provide readers with opportunity for further exploration of questions raised in the book.

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