PREACHING AND CULTURAL IDENTITY by John Wesley Zwomunondiita Kurewa ($17)*

ABG: 0-687-09031-8

The thesis of this book is threefold:
  1. that the Church in Africa continues to affirm the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ;
  2. that the Church in Africa learns afresh to indigenize itself to the point that Christianity truly becomes an African religion; and
  3. that preaching in Africa needs to increasingly use African historical, cultural, traditional-religious concepts, imagery, and idiom (rather than missionary-given Western forms) in order to communicate the gospel more effectively in the new millennium.

Key Features:

  1. Suggests homiletical theory from and for the African context
  2. Advocates the value of indigenous preaching, imagery, and concepts
  3. Covers a wide range of ideas, acknowledging that access to books, particularly from an indigenous perspective, is severely limited for most African students/preachers

Key Benefits

  1. Provides a resource that offers the kind of insight into the African situation that will enrich the preaching of indigenous preachers and missionaries
  2. Offers African students a concise resource that attends to a number of crucial issues
  3. Offers a vision for preaching in African for the next millennium
Kurewa invites the African Church to take a closer look at African culture as God-given, rather than continuing to preach, worship, sing, and counsel like African-westerners imitating missionaries. Kurewa urges the African Church to claim its own culture with pride and integrity; he gives examples on how specific customs can be integrated into Christian life, worship, and preaching.


JOHN WESLEY ZWOMUNONDIITA KUREWA is Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism, Faculty of Theology, Africa University, Zimbabwe.

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