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This updated reference guide directs students to over 500 significant theological resources across a wide area of theological research. It details bibliographic sources for encyclopedias, dictionaries, and electronic resources in biblical studies, historical studies, theology, and practical theology.

"Stewart has updated and revised John Bollier's classic work, The Literature of Theology to create a new and useful reference work for twenty-first century students and librarians of biblical studies, historical studies, theology, and practical theology. Anyone who works through these 500 or so essential resources with the help of this book will be well on the way to mastering the field of theological research itself." -Valerie Hotchkiss, J. S. Bridwell Foundation Endowed Librarian arid Professor of Medieval Studies, Southern Methodist University

"David Stewart has done an invaluable service with his excellent revision of Bollier's classic. This will be tremendously important for students, pastors, and scholars, not to mention librarians. In the age of electronics, our discipline still relies primarily on print publications, and a guide such as this to the most significant resources is indeed timely." -William J. Hook, Director of the Divinity Library; Assistant Professor of Theological Bibliography, Vanderbilt Divinity School

"Twenty-three years ago John Bollier made a major contribution to theological librarianship, and more importantly to students and pastors, in preparing The Literature of Theology. Over those years it has proven to be a valued tool for those seeking to find and to assess the tools of theological study-and their number is legion. Collaborating with and building upon the work of John Bollier, David Stewart has done a thorough and careful revision. Although many classics from 1979 remain on the list, new tools have appeared and are noted in all sections. Reducing the general literature a bit allowed for the welcome inclusion of important new sections on Christian spirituality and Christianity and literature. Cognizant of new electronic resources, in his preface, Stewart aptly and correctly assesses the limitations as well as possibilities of these tools, concluding that a guide to print resources is still needed for the foreseeable future. Librarians will rejoice to receive this book; students and pastors should have this tool as a guide to their work and to building their own collections; and college and university librarians with any concern for theological literature will find this a must-have road map of the field." -John Be Trotti, Distinguished Professor of Bibliography; Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education

David R. Stewart is Associate Librarian for Research Services at the Robert E. Speer Library of Princeton Theological Seminary.

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