GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN by Thomas Brodie ($70)*

OUP: 0-19-511811-1

This commentary expands Johannine studies in two directions. First, drawing on the methods of literary criticism, it gives new force to a view which is both ancient and modern--that John's gospel, far from being a poorly-edited mixture of sometimes-conflicting traditions, is in fact a coherent unity, an account of Jesus which, however diverse its sources, is a finely-chiselled work of art. Second, it indicates that the unity of John's gospel is founded ultimately not on history or theology but on spirituality. This too corresponds to a view which is both very old--John was always known as the spiritual gospel--and very recent. The present study spells out that idea in new detail. It indicates that the account of Jesus is so written that the tensions and complexities of the text reflect the tensions and complexities of human life, providing the reader not only with an account of Jesus but also with an anthropology--a map of the development of the human spirit.


"This solid piece of work can be warmly recommended to students of theology and preachers."--First Things

"Entices the reader to think about John's Gospel in a fresh way."--Bible Today

"Brodie's work is thought-provoking and challenging."--The Southern Cross

"This is a fine study of a great book...it is well worth reading."--Reviews in Religion and Theology

"One thing is for sure: Brodie will not bore the reader. Even those who are least disposed to accept his interpretations will find the commentary a stimulating work."--Westminster Theological Journal

"Brodie's work is without a doubt distinctive....If one seeks provocation along with an invitation into the jungle of the hermeneutical process, this addition to the downpour of commentaries on the gospel of John soaks us with just such water."--Journal of Biblical Literature

"This book marks an important development in the interpretation of the Fourth Gospel, for it appears to be the first full-scale commentary on John in English to adopt a sustained literary approach to the work, and to argue in the process for its finely crafted unity....Brilliant and perceptive account of John's material, full of rich insights for the enquiring reader; and it must be warmly welcomed....Brodie's commentary is clearly and accessibly written, well-indexed, and virtually free of footnotes....Every student of St. John's Gospel will find this commentary a help in that direction."--The Journal of Theological Studies

"Brodie's thesis makes for fascinating reading; it is imaginative, and carefully argued....An erudite work, one which engages with the best modern scholarship in this area."--The Furrow

"[Brodie's] description of his approach to the Fourth Gospel is one which this reviewer would wholeheartedly endorse....His observations are frequently fresh and illuminating....Brodie's commentary is well worth reading and meditating on."--Anvil

"The same caring attention to detail is evident throughout [Brodie's] work, which may be described as a labor of love."--Bangor Theological Seminary--Bulletin

About the Author

Thomas L. Brodie, Dominican Biblical Centre for Teaching and Research, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick

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