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Praying the Movies brings together the ancient tradition of praise and prayer with the contemporary passion for the movies. The reader will see that God is encountered nor only in the sanctuary but in the theatre and before the monitor and video recorder as well. Each devotion begins traditionally with Gods word in The Wisdom Of or more scripture passages, moves on to a description of a movie scene with the same theme, followed by the authors reflections, a set of questions designed to stir the reader, and closing with a hymn and a prayer. The book can be used for private devotions or with a group with or without a video cassette player and monitor. By bringing the seemingly disparate worlds of bible and film together, the book will help readers understand each in new ways.

Praying the Movies is a collection of thirty-one devotionals that connect movies with the spiritual life of moviegoers. Each devotional contains a passage from Scripture, a description of a scene from a popular film, and a meditation connecting the themes in the scene to the Scripture passage. Also included in each devotional are questions to encourage further reflection, a suggestion for a hymn, and a brief prayer. Films discussed include Schindler's List, The Shawshank Redemption, Star Wars, Dead Man Walking, Field of Dreams, Out of Africa, The Deer Hunter, The Color Purple, To Kill a Mockingbird and more.

EDWARD McNULTY is an author and speaker on the topic of film and religion. He is founder and editor of Visual Parables, a monthly review newsletter, and was coeditor of Reel to Real, a film quarterly for youth.

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