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This book is for anyone who works with youth—pastors, teachers, volunteers, and parents. Dean Borgman paints a vivid picture of life for those teens who are confronted by insecurity, violence, and substance abuse. By telling their stories, Borgman helps youth workers and parents understand the world of these teens, because it is in sharing our stories with each other that we build relationships that can become the foundation for healing. Borgman cautions this is no easy task and offers no simple solutions, but he shows there is hope.


"Hear My Story challenges and equips the reader to enter the world of young people by listening to the stories they tell and understanding the experiences that have shaped their lives. Borgman invites the reader to consider how the Story, the good news of the gospel, intersects with and is able to redeem young people’s stories in order that their stories become part of the Story." - Darwin K. Glassford, Associate Professor of Bible and Christian Education; Assistant Academic Dean, Montreat College

"All youth workers need this book on their shelves and in their hands because this tool will give them an insight into troubled youth that is both heartfelt and well reasoned. It has both the guts and the brains to be useful to the practitioner and the student who seek to touch the lives of the least, the lost, and the left behind." - Rev. Chris Hill, National Youth Evangelist, Chris Hill Evangelistic Association

"Dean Borgman’s insatiable curiosity about kids along with his tender Christ-centered heart are evident in this hopeful, informative book. It invites the heart and mind to delve into the dark world of troubled kids and emerge with HOPE! I will use this book in my classes. The references are phenomenal!" - William P. Quigley, Instructor of Youth Ministry, Malone College

"This is a must-read work on troubled youth. Dean Borgman has developed a very comprehensive work that will be helpful for every youth worker, pastor, counselor, or health care professional who works with young people. . . . Don’t miss this one!" - Raymond F. Pendleton, Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Director of the Clinical Counseling Program, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"This book reflects Dean’s heart and passion for hurting kids—and it’s contagious! It also encapsulates a lifetime of Dean’s learning. If you have a heart for troubled kids, Hear My Storyis a must." - Scott Larson, President, Straight Ahead Ministries and author of At Risk: Bringing Hope to Hurting Teenagers

"I see this book as Dean’s magnum opus—a brilliant work that brings together the best of current scholarship, sound theology, and radical understanding of the wildly changing urbanized culture in which we all live. This will be required reading for all my students for many years to come. I loved the book!" - Chapman R. Clark, Associate Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture; Director, Student Leadership Project and Youth and Family Ministry Programs, Fuller Theological Seminary

"This is an indispensable resource for those who work with the almost overwhelming challenges of deeply troubled youth. It is full of clear thinking, spiritual wisdom, and much needed hope and help for those working with adolescents who are living on the edge." - Christian Smith, Professor of Sociology and Director of the National Study of Youth and Religion University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Author Bio

Dean Borgman is the Charles E. Culpeper Professor of Youth Ministries at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and teaches courses at Fuller Theological Seminary and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary. In addition to working with Young Life, Professor Borgman is founder and director of the Center for Youth Studies. He is an internationally recognized authority on youth culture and adolescent ministries, speaking and consulting in the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He is an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church.

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