DO WE STILL NEED THE TEN COMMANDMENTS?: A Fresh Look at God's Laws of Love by John H. Timmerman ($13.99)*

AUGS: 0-8066-2349-7

Unlike any other book on the commandments, Timmerman offers a fresh and profound understanding of God's timeless laws. Text includes study questions for personal or group reflection.

“What I like best about John Timmerman’s wonderful new book is that it displays divine law as a gift of divine love-not a burden, but a burden-lifting blessing to all. Peppered with lovely stories and desperately needed by a generation that has lost its way. This work continues Timmerman’s rise to top rank among the very best Christian writers of our time.” -- Lewis B. Smedes

John Timmerman speaks easily, deeply, kindly, and true about the elemental relationships and behaviors of the godly life. His gently persuasion makes the Ten Commandments invitations of a loving God -- both instructions and empowerments for right relationships to God and to one another. His stories balance his scholarship, making complex things immediately and clearly apparent in our own lives. Let this clear-eyed leader lead you." -- Walter Wangerin, Jr.

Table of Contents:
  1. Preface: The Crossover
  2. The True God
  3. The False Gods
  4. Loyalty to the One Who Loves You
  5. Finding Rest in God
  6. Putting Relationships in Order
  7. Bearing the Image of God
  8. Keeping Promises
  9. Taking and Withholding
  10. Telling the Truth
  11. Learning to Be Satisfied
  12. In the Potter's House

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