WOMEN IN THE NEW TESTAMENT by Bonnie Thurston ($22)*

CRS: 1-592-44558-6

"Reconstructing the cultural, religious, and economic roles of women in pre-Christian times and during the New Testament period, Thurston (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary) shows how women were an important force in Christianity as it emerged. Drawing on the work of numerous scholars, the author examines and contrasts the depiction of women in the letters of Paul with the gospels of Mark, Luke, John, and Deutero-Pauline letters (those epistles thought to have been ascribed to Paul pseudonymously by later apostles). She does not include Matthew, which makes little direct mention of women and merits further study. Thurston, an ordained minister, concludes that although the New Testament was a product of patriarchal times, God is not patriarchal, and that the Word "became flesh, not book." This is a well-balanced, thorough, and excellent treatment of a highly charged topic." - Bernadette McGrath, Vancouver P.L., BC (Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc.)

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