SOCIAL SCIENCE COMMENTARY ON THE SYNOPTIC GOSPELS by by Bruce Malina & Richard Rohrbaugh ($29)*

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AUGS: 0-8006-3491-8

The authors build on their earlier social-scientific works and enhance the highly successful commentary model they developed in their social-scientific commentaries. This volume is a thoroughly revised edition of this popular commentary. They include an introduction that lays the foundation for their interpretation, followed by an examination of each unit in the Synoptics, employing methodologies of cultural anthropology, macro-sociology, and social psychology.

"Following an invaluable introduction, the authors apply to each of the synoptic Gospels the fruits of several decades of social-science research on the world of the Bible. For each periscope, the reader is provided with a translation, brief textual notes, and appropriate 'reading scenarios.' Which assist in recapturing perspectives from a first-century peasant world-view.... The book provides a lucid introduction to the heir apparent in the tradition of historical criticism the application of the social sciences to the Bible." Interpretation

"With this ground-breaking book, [the authors] initiate a new genre of biblical commentary. They present fresh information drawn from the social sciences about the agrarian, pre-industrial, eastern Mediterranean cultural context in which the synoptic gospels originated.... Every reader will learn something new from this book." Critical Review: Biblical Studies

"The information is clarifying and helps to make this book a valuable companion to the synoptic gospels. Would that every preacher make the effort to use it." Louvain Studies

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