SOCIAL SETTING OF JESUS AND THE GOSPELS edited by Bruce Malina et al ($24)*

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The context of Jesus, his followers, and the early movement. What do the social sciences have to contribute to the study of Jesus and the Gospels? This is the fundamental question that these essays all address — from analyses of ancient economics to altered states of consciousness, politics, ritual, kinship, and labeling.

Articles and Authors are as follows:

  1. Social-Science Methods in Historical Jesus Researchby Bruce J. Malina

  2. The Contextual Ethos of Jesus by Wolfgang Stegemann

  3. Ethnocentrism and Research on the Historical Jesus by Richard L. Rohrbaugh

  4. Jesus' Setting within the Judaism of His Time by Ekkehard W. Stegemann

  5. Feminist Research on Jesus by Elisabeth Schüsler Fiorenza

  6. The Political Dimensions of Jesus' Proclamation by Gerd Theissen

  7. Jesus and First-Century Politics: The Military Dimension by T. Raymond Hobbs

  8. The Jesus Movement and Its Network by Dennis C. Duling

  9. Jesus and the Social Bandits by K. C. Hanson

  10. Jesus and the Reduction of Intergroup Conflict by Philip F. Esler

  11. Jesus and Honor Reversal at Table by S. Scott Bartchy

  12. Jesus and Altered States of Consciousness by John J. Pilch

  13. Jesus the Exorcist by Christian Strecker

  14. The Baptism of Jesus: A Ritual Analysis by Richard DeMaris

  15. Jesus and the Healing of Women by Stuart L. Love

  16. Jesus Against the Family by Jerome H. Neyrey

  17. The Love of Money or the Curse of Mammon? by Douglas E. Oakman

  18. Gift, Tribute, and Offering: The Economics of Presents by Gary Stansell

  19. Jesus' Reaction to Hostile Labels by Santiago Oporto Guijarro

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