CELTIC FANTASY by David Davidson ($15.95)

GH: 5191

The ancient Irish peasants, left to fend for themselves in a world dominated by a corrupted church, oppressive landlords, and an absence of local government and medicine, turned to their own imaginations to understand the world around them. From haunting ballads to spry dances, the music on this recording was inspired by their legends, their lore, and their fantasies. Approximate running time: 53:00 minutes

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Selections include:

  1. Farmer's Hand Intro
  2. Fairy Dance
  3. Summer Skye
  4. Brighid's Blessing
  5. Mo Cairenn
  6. Farmer's Hand (instrumental)
  7. The Fianna Battle Song
  8. The Garden
  9. The Knowing Tree
  10. Myst on the Glen
  11. Mother Sun
Instrumentation Violin, Guitars, Penny Whistles, Piano, Bodhran, Bass, Percussion, and String Orchestrations

Available on compact disc or cassette [$9.95 (list: $10.95)]. If ordering the cassette, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt.

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