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Those who serve on mission fields in areas where Christian faith is not the dominant religion quickly come to understand a central truth: when one is sharing the gospel, one must have a place to start the conversation. If the person being addressed is unfamiliar with Christian concepts and terms, one must pick up on things with which he or she is familiar, and relate these to the Christian message. In other words, you have to meet them on middle ground. Without this middle ground, there can be no effective witness to Godís salvation in Christ. Because society in North America is no longer nominally Christian, argues Robert G. Tuttle, Jr., those in this country who would share the good news today would do well to learn this basic tool for communicating the gospel. We need to remember that, while the Christian message is universal--intended for all persons, everywhere--the language we use to convey that message may not be. The key is always to be sensitive to the deep questions that one's friends and acquaintances are struggling with, and to look for ways to relate the life- changing message of the gospel to those questions. Written in a lively and direct style, Can We Talk? offers a clear, user-friendly guide to sharing personal faith.

Key Features:

  1. Lively and direct writing style that offers a clear, user-friendly guide to sharing one's personal faith.
  2. Illustrations and examples are drawn from both the North American context and the context outside North America.
  3. Focused on the crucial and difficult task of communication the gospel to persons who have not grown up with the language and symbolism of the church.

Key Benefits:

  1. The reader will understand that efforts to communicate the gospel to persons unfamiliar with the terminology and concepts must first identify a common middle ground from which to begin and how to indentify that middle ground.
  2. The reader will learn the basic tools for communicating the gospel.
  3. The reader will learn for deep questions and will learn how to relate the life-changing message of the gospel to those questions.
"Bob Tuttle makes a strong case for a transcultural gospel here at home as well as around the world. All Christians who sincerely want to share their faith will find this book stimulating and helpful. We will surely gain insight into why old methods of faith sharing don't work anymore by reading this powerful book." -- Dr. William Hinson, Pastor, The First United Methodist Church of Houston, Texas.

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