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Even as babies are beginning to crawl, toddlers are learning to speak, and preschoolers are starting to cooperate with playmates, they can begin to discover God’s Word and God’s world through play. These 101 new games give young children the foundation they need in ways that are fun and exciting.

Too often, while some church leaders wait until children are older to introduce children to God’s world, these same young children are becoming well-versed in Elmo’s world—or even scarier worlds that the media can bring them. Young children in our society know more about Big Bird, Mickey Mouse, and Barney than they do about God and Jesus. What if we started teaching children about the Bible from day one? What if infants had picture Bibles to play with in addition to rattles? What if toddlers could easily name Jesus when you pointed to pictures of him? What if your preschoolers talked about lions in the Bible and how God kept people safe when they visited the zoo?

Fun Games for Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers provides 101 Bible games for young children. You’ll find 20 games designed for infants (up to 12 months old), 20 games for young toddlers (1 to 2 years old), 20 games for older toddlers (2 to 3 years old), 20 games for young preschoolers (3 to 4 years old), and 21 games for older preschoolers (4 to 5 years old). Each game includes a Scripture passage, a teaching point, a supervision tip, materials needed, and game instructions. Some games require little preparation and no materials. Others require more preparation. A number of games also include a bonus idea or a bonus tip for how to play the game in a different way. A Scripture index and a topical index provide information on locating games that tie into specific Scriptures and teaching points. Half of the games in this book feature Old Testament stories and teachings; the other half come from the New Testament.

Young children have a lot of energy, and they learn best when they can move and play. By using these games, you can help young children:

• have fun;

• play in new ways;

• work with their wiggles instead of against them;

• learn about key Bible messages and stories.

Infants and toddlers can surprise us and teach us as much as preschoolers can. Young children have a way of showing busy adults how to slow down and marvel at the fact that "apples are red, and water is wet."

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