SACRED STORIES (DVD)(with Frederick Buechner, Maya Angelou & James Carroll)


MAYA ANGELOU conjures up the people and images of her childhood world in Arkansas with "Mama & Uncle Willy."

FREDERICK BUECHNER shares the stories of fatherís suicide which happened when he was ten years old, and his own relationship, forty years later with his anorexic daughter.

JAMES CARROLL offers a memoir of his father and the bond between them that was threatened by the war in Vietnam.

These three noted writers recreate stories of their own lives, telling of their personal triumphs and tragedies. Through their storytelling, they invite viewers to discover for themselves the presence of God, the power of memory to heal, the value of telling secrets, and the possibilities of changing the future by forgiving the past.

SACRED STORIES was designed to present the themes and speakers of the 21st Trinity Institute Conference, God Is With Us.

Part I: The Man in the Gray Slacks
by Frederick Buechner

Part II: A Father and a Son
by James Carroll

Part III: The Cowardly Lion
by Frederick Buechner

Part IV: Mama and Uncle Willy
by Maya Angelou

Running Time: 20 minutes each part on one DVD (total: 1 hour, 20 minutes).